Redstone Directory

tenants under the redstone arch
Map of the Redstone Shopping Center, showing locations for dining, shopping, and wellness located in Park City, Utah.

1748 Redstone Center Drive

105 A A2Z Wireless
110 A Panda Express115 A Vacant
120 A Homegoods

1743 W Redstone Center Drive

115 B University of Utah Clinic

1678 Redstone Center Drive

105 C Bed Bath & Beyond107 C H2Blow110 C Orange Theory115 C Kory Pitcher (State Farm)120 C Papa Murphy's

1640 W Redstone Center Drive

105 D Redrock115 D Backcountry200 D Supplemental Health

1571 W Redstone Center Drive

140 F Sushi Blue Grill130 F Vacant
125 F Nail Salon120 F Park City Mattress
110 F InWest Title

1635 W Redstone Center Drive

130 G Vacant
125 G Haute Hostess – Wish120 G Minnows Kids
115 G Elements110 G BHHS Utah Properties
150 G Marty's

1675 W Redstone Center Drive

155 H Vacant
150 H Pack N Crate
145 H Perfect Tan
140 H
Salt Pilates
135 H Vacant
130 H Safanova125 H Alpine Apothecary120 H Vacant
115 H Splendor110 H JW Allen & Sons
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